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" I have to admit that I am pretty impressed by these equipments we had purchased from Target Electricals some years ago. Our company’s manufacturing plant is state of the art and well equipped technologically. But assuring absolute safety of workers is our main concern for it is them who in turn give us optimum productivity of goods. There have been quite a few instances of minor breakdowns when these alarms have immediately alerted us and resulted in avoiding a major mishap.

Being an entrepreneur myself, there are values which I have deeply followed and made my employees believe in over the years. These are to simply win over a customer’s heart by providing him with the best of goods at reasonable rates while deal with his queries in an earnest manner. This much ensured results in customer loyalty. Now I have been in the industry enough years to recognize these qualities in another company when I see them. My company has been a more then satisfied customer of Target Electricals. We have used their quality tower lights, buzzers, hooters and alarms in our company premises for quite a few years and there is yet to find any one unit of these electrical indication equipments improperly working.

We’ve got this quality set of industrial gong bells fitted in our hotel that has further assured us and aided in our quest to give absolute security and safety to our guests’. By god’s grace there haven’t been such times when the use of these gong bells has arisen. But then it never hurts to be prepared now does it.

We have regularly purchased sirens, hooters, alarms and flashers from Target Electricals over the years. There have hardly been times when these equipments haven’t worked properly.



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