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   Electronic Hooter- Variable Tone



Electronic Hooter

Variable Tone (96mm x 96mm)




Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Audible Range 100 db Approx. (at 1 Meter )
Mounting Flush/Base/Wall
Tone Black Housing- Intermittent / Red Housing-Siren
Input Voltage 12V/24/30V/48/50V DC/110V AC or DC/230V AC

Tone : Intermittent

Images Description Model No

Flush Mounting 96-EHS
Base Mounting 96-EHS-B
Wall Mounting 96-EHS-W
Potential Free Contact 96-EHP
With 5mm LED 96-EHL
With Volume Control 96-EHV
With Volume & LED 96-EHVL
With Acceptance 96-EHA
With Volume & Acceptance 96-EHVA


Tone : Siren

Description Model No
Flush Mounting 96-EHS-S3
Base Mounting 96-EHS-S3-B
Wall Mounting 96-EHS-S3-W


Tone : Musical

Description Model No
Flush Mounting 96-EHM
Base Mounting 96-EHM-B
Wall Mounting 96-EHM-W


Universal Input Voltage

Tone Voltage Model No
Intermittent 24V to 250V/AC DC 96-EHU
Siren 24V to 250V/AC DC 96-EHU-S3



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